Admission Schedule 2016-17 :Kendriya Vidyalays

  SCHEDULE FOR ADMISSION Kendriya Vidyalyas:2016-17

The Admission Schedule for the Session 2016-17 will be as under:-

1 Advertisement for admission by Regional office/ Kendriya Vidyalaya.  01/02/2016
2 Issue of Forms & Registration for Class-1  08-02-2016 onward
3 Last date of Registration for Class-I.  10-03-2016
4 Issue of Forms & Registration for Class-11 onwards* (except Class XI). Wherever new Schools/Sections are opened registration may start from 08/02/2016  04-04-2016
5 Last date of registration for Class-11 onwards* (except Class XI).  18-04-2016
6 Declaration of selected list for Class I & admission for Class-I.  18-03-2016 on wards.
7 Extended date for Second Notification admissions to be Provisions) made under RTE Provisions (Class-1)  15-04-2016(if sufficient applications not received under RTE )
8 In case sufficient number of registrations for SC/ST not received in 1st Phase, second notification may be issued.  May to June 2016.
9 Declaration of list of class II onwards.  25-04-2016
10 Admission for class II onwards*  26-04-2016 to 05-05-2016
11 Registration for class XI* Within 20 days after Registration for class XI* declaration of Board results
12 Display of list & admission for Class-XI. Within 30 days after Display of list & admission for Class-XI. declaration of Board results
13 Last date of Admission for all Classes. 31-07-2016

ALL  Subject to availability of vacancies in a particular class

List of children registered, list of eligible children, category-wise list of provisionally selected children, waiting list and subsequent lists to be compulsorily displayed on the web-site of the Kendriya Vidyalayas concerned, in addition to display on School’s Notice Board.

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